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5 Stars!

Joey Collins

An excellent band who’s members are very professional and very passionate about what they do.
Christopher O'Connell

Great tunes and great energy ; a real positive sound and performance!!

Janet Robertson-Johnson

high energy and completely entertaining, a first class act for sure.

Stephen Houser

awesome band and plays for all audiences! ROCK ON
Kara Williams

Probably the best cover band I’ve ever heard. Their range is impressive and their stage energy was great
Zoë Samantha

Went with my wife for her first concert in many years. We had a blast and danced all night. Looking forward to seeing many more shows in 2020
Jason McLaurin

So much talent with this band. Who can sit down when they play Hard to Handle? Wow! They have a lot of fun and the crowd has a lot of fun. Definitely our favorite! 😻
Tammy Gulker

Enjoyed The Music
Recommend This Awesome Band
Rachel Johnson